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Orlando, Florida-  The World Sports Alumni has partnered with Florida's fastest-growing real estate firm,Save On Your Homes.Although there are numerous realtors everywhere, Save On Your Homes is unique in that it offers the lowest commission rate in the market while still providing full service to home buyers and sellers. Any WSA pro athlete, business member, or associate only has to pay 1% commission when listing their home for sale. And if buying, WSA members will get a 1% rebate of the full purchase price of their new home. Even more, WSA members will earn referral cash bonuses from the WSA for anyone (even non-WSA members) they know wanting to buy or sell a home. On average, people save $8000-$15,000 when listing with and make $3000-$5000 when hiring them as buyer.

“We are thrilled and honored that an association as prestigious as the WSA thinks of us worthy as a partner. Save On Your Homes is a family business so we are truly dedicated to servicing and saving families as much money as possible when they are buying and selling their homes. That’s why we offer the lowest commission rate in the market. Even on new construction, we will save a family thousands of dollars. In these times, that money comes in handy for the family. “, said TJ Agosto, Realtor & President of Save on Your Homes.

WSA CEO Charlie Williams, NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp, TJ Agosto , President of Save On YourHomes during the Pro Bowl Party IV presented by 

"I had recommended Save On Your Homes and TJ Agosto to a dear friend of mine who was selling their property. TJ was prompt, efficient, and professional in selling their home, and sold-it in a better than expected time frame whilst saving them $7000 in fees. My friends were elated to put those savings in their pocket than give to someone else. Congrats go to the WSA and its partnerships for making this possible. ", Jerry Fekete, former ATP Tennis Touring Professional.

"For the WSA this was an easy decision to partner with Save On Your Homes and founder TJ Agosto. They sponsored our Pro Bowl Parties in the past, and I was intrigued myself about their service. I asked TJ, so what's the catch? He said, there is none, we just charge a much less commission rate but still provide full real estate services. So I tried them once in listing my rental property for sale, and it was the smoothest real estate sale process I've ever experienced. My house was on the market for less than 24 hours, and they sold it for above my original asking price! The best part, I only had to pay 1% commission to them and saved $6000. Now, I am using Save On Your Homes again to sell my primary home and also represent me as a buyer for my new home. I can't even fathom the thought of using another realtor and paying $20,000 more. I'll use that money I saved for a family vacation to Hawaii and my kid's college fund", said Charlie Williams, CEO of the World Sports Alumni.  "And besides saving our members a ton of money, WSA members can earn income by simply referring their friends. And have pride in knowing they helped save their friends significant sums of money."

About Save On Your Homes:

Would you rather pay your realtor 1% or 5%?

Everyday people from Central Florida all the way to Tampa are saving $5000- $15,000 & more by using Save On Your Homes.

Why give thousands of your hard-earned money when we will save you thousands on selling your home or buying a new one.

Save On Your Homes rebates 1% of the purchase price towards your closing costs. And when you list your home with Save On Your Homes to sell, you pay only 1% commission. Visit 407-564-1077.  Not a gimmick. Real-life REALTORS. 

Save On Your Homes is part of the Empire Network Realty.

The WSA World Sports Alumni is a business association for Professional Athletes. The WSA is also the only pro athletes association worldwide that unites pros from all sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, PGA, ATP, WTA, Boxing, Billiards, and many more. The WSA provides its members services in marketing, social media, branding, event production, book publishing, legal services, bookings, sponsorships, and more. The WSA is a think-tank for its members for any project. Our motto: "Strength in numbers"

Brought to you by our Show Sponsors: Save On Your Homes Orlando Realtor  Co-Sponsors: The Florida Georgia All-Star Football Game Legends of the East - WSA NYC Event Cooperative Spirit Martial Arts Visit Instagram  @wingzwingzzwingzzz  @athleticjunction  @PapalozziItalia @doubletreevalleyforge  @ssw4cuts Roofing,Doors,Windows marketing


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