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Dr. Mike Van Thielen Breaks World Swimming Record

Brussels, Belgium- WSA Swimming Pro Dr.Mike Van Thielen of Ormond Beach FL, traveled to his home country of Belgium to pursue the World 4x4 Swimming record. He joined his fellow Belgian teammates and together they broke the World Record for the men’s short course 4×100 free relay at the masters meet in Mol, Belgium. The age group category is the sum of the relay members’ ages. The “age 163” team of Frédéric Tonus, Michel Van Thielen, Ruud Cuyvers, and Stef Verachtencombined for a 3:27.42. Tonus led off in 53.19, Van Thielen went 51.82, Cuyvers was 51.75, and Verachten anchored in 50.66. The men had gone into the meet with their sights set on the world record, as other members of Mozka organi