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The World​ ​Sports​ ​Alumni​ Mission & Functions:


1. Uniting​ ​ALL​ ​Professional​ ​Athletes​ ​from​ ​ALL​ ​Sports.​ ​GLOBALLY.

2. Creating synergy between athletes and the sports they represent.

3. As a unified force of all sports, the WSA will become a larger voice to exact Change & IMPACT.

4. Promote & market athletes.

5. Help assist in achieving goals, initiatives, projects for pro athletes within the alumni.

6. Book athletes for appearances, endorsements, & speaking engagements.

7. Produce WSA events.

8. Assist and contribute to help former athletes in need.

9. Assist and contribute to charities.

10. Sanction amateur & pro events. Sports or sports related.

11. To overall better the lives of pro athletes.

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