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International Board of Directors


  • CEO - Charlie Williams 

  • National President Pro Football - Ron Dixon (NFL)

  • Central Florida President-Brandon Meriweather(NFL)

  • Washington DC President- Santana Moss (NFL)

  • N.Central FL/Ocala President- Clinton Hart (NFL)

  • JAX FL President- Mike Hollis (NFL)

  • Space Coast FL President-Bruce Rothschild (NFL)

  • NYC Board of Directors- Luke Petitgout (NFL)

  • Central Florida Boxing President - Pinklon Thomas 

  • Washington DC Boxing President- Demarcus Corley 

  • Central Florida Boxing Vice-President - Mark Lanton 

  • FL Pro Basketball President -Nick Anderson (NBA) 

  • NYC Basketball Board of Directors- Darryl Jacobs 

  • Central FL Board of Directors: Jemile Weeks (MLB)

  • National Tennis Board : Tom Sweitzer 

  • Board of Directors: Dennis Bermudez (UFC)

Pro Football Division:National

  • National President Pro Football - Ron Dixon (NY Giants)

  • Central Florida President-Brandon Meriweather (Patriots)

  • Washington DC President- Santana Moss (Redskins)

  • N.Central FL/Ocala President- Clinton Hart (Chargers)

  • JAX FL President- Mike Hollis (Jaguars)

  • Space Coast FL President-Bruce Rothschild (Chargers)

  • NYC President- TBA

  • ATL President- TBA

  • Hampton Roads- TBA

Pro Boxing Division

  • Board of Directors - Riddick Bowe (2-Time Undisputed Heavyweight World Boxing Champion)

  • Central Florida President - Pinklon Thomas (2-Time Heavyweight World Boxing Champion)

  • Washington DC President- Demarcus Corley (7-Time World Lightweight Champion)

  • Board of Directors -  Mark Lanton (Florida Boxing Hall of Fame)

  • WSA Las Vegas - Shelley Williams (National Boxing Hall of Fame) 

Pro Basketball Division

Central Florida President -Nick Anderson (Orlando Magic)

NYC Board of Directors- WSA NYC President Darryl Jacobs (Pro Coach & ESPN Basketball Analyst)

Board of Directors- Anthony Avent (Orlando Magic, Jazz)

Pro Baseball Division

Board of Directors: Jemile Weeks (Oakland As; Red Sox)

Board of Directors: Rickie Weeks Sr. (Coach)

Board of Directors: 

Pro MMA Division

Board of Directors: Dennis Bermudez 

Pro Tennis International Board 

Tom Sweitzer (USA) - Orlando Tennis Man of the Year
Carlos Goffi  (Brazil) - Co-Founder of the NIKE Tennis Camps

Pro Tennis Division: USA

Pro Tennis FL Board: USA

Board of Directors: Kurt Collis (Deland, FL)

Pro Tennis Board: Europe

Board of Directors- Kudret Bayram  - WTA Pro Tennis Coach
Board of Directors - Basak Eraydin - WTA Pro

Pro Football Division: Florida

Vice-President Pro Football - Lee Paige (Tampa Buccaneers)

Vice-President N.Central FL/Ocala- Charlie Hawkins (NY Jets)

Membership Director Pro Football - Bruce Rothschild (San Diego Chargers)

Board of Directors- Rusty Russell (Philadelphia Eagles)

Pro Football Division: NYC

Board of Directors- Luke Petitgout (NY Giants)

Pro Football Division: Mid-West

Board of Directors- Ray Donaldson (Indianapolis Colts)

Track & Field Division

Board of Directors- Ernest Wiggins II (Team USA/ NCAA Hall of Fame)

Board of Directors- James Hampton (Pro Coach)

Pro Swimming Division:Florida

Board of Directors- Dr.Mike Van Thielen (23x USA Masters Champion)

Pro Boxing Division: Florida

President Central FL: Pinklon Thomas (2x World Champion)

Vice-President Central FL: Mark Lanton (FL Boxing Hall of Fame)
Board of Directors: 

Pro Billiards International Board

Board of Directors - Jim Rempe  (Multi-World Pocket Billiards Champion. Hall of Fame)
Board of Directors - Charlie Williams (Former #1 Pro Billiards Tour)

Executive Staff:

Cindy Lee - Director of Operations
Eunice Oh - Executive Director
Jessica Kim - International Marketing & Events 

Sara Lee - Sales & Marketing Manager

Brenda Hadaway - Sales & Marketing Administrator
An Huynh - Sales & Marketing Administrator

Tori Thomas - Sales & Marketing Administrator

Kayla Favis - Sales & Marketing Administrator

Mike Brodsky - President of WSA Business Board

Darryl Jacobs - NYC Operations Manager

Rodney Harrell- Atlanta Operations Manager

Dr.Yardan Shabazz - VA Operations Manager

Logan Brown - Head of Athlete Agency Representation

Nicole Humphreys-FL Sales & Marketing Rep

Daniel Rodriguez - FL Sales & Marketing Rep

Riley Jarrell - FL Sales & Marketing Rep

Mark Herndon - FL Sales & Marketing Rep 

Bucky Parel - Sales & Marketing Representative

Zip Parel - Sales & Marketing Representative

Rae Glory Smith - FL Sales & Marketing Representative

Lisa Key - NYC Sales & Marketing Representative

Business Advisory Board 

President: Mike Brodsky (Ameriprise Financial)

Rodney Harrell: Vice-President WSA Business Development 

Logan Brown: Logan Brown Sports Agency

Regina I. Hill: Orlando City Commissioner

Board of Attorneys & Legal Counsel:

Alexis Carter, Esq. - Alexis Carter Law. Orlando FL

Erica Burns, Esq. - The Mosaic Law Firm Orlando, FL

Moses DeWitt, Esq. - DeWitt Law Firm -Orlando, Tampa, Melbourne
Dennis Walsh, Esq. - Walsh Law. Chicago, IL USA
Jack Maginnis, Esq. - Maginnis Law. Washington D.C.
Thomas Walsh, Esq. -  Law Offices of Thomas Walsh. Portland, OR. USA

Joseph "Ricky" Lefft Esq.- Senior Counsel at Whiteford/Taylor/Preston

Vaughn McCoy Esq.- Inglesino Webster Wyciskala and Taylor,LLC

Stephen Kelly Law - Jacksonville, FL

Logan Brown Sports Agency- NFL & MLB 

Benjamin Burke - - Tax Law


Photographers & Videographers:


Joshua Guiles Photography - Orlando FL

Ramces Rouzard - In the Mirror - Orlando FL

Peter Lanzarone - Orlando FL

Brion Price - Brion Price Photography

Diana Lam - Nona Photography - FL

J. Leo Restrepo - JR Photo

Luis Gomez Photography - MD

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