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107 Year Oldest World Billiards Championship Comes to Jacksonville Florida

79th World 14.1 Championship at 9Ball Heaven in Jacksonville, Florida. TICKETS ON SALE HERE Some tournaments come and go. The Champions of this one are never forgotten. Reigning Champion and 5-Time winner of the World 14.1 is Thorsten Hohmann of Germany. He has the most wins in the past 40 years and tied for 3rd all-time most World 14.1 Championship victories only behind Willie Mosconi and Ralph Greenleaf. *The Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas ends November 28, players & fans can come to Florida and enjoy a couple days of sunny beach weather right before the World 14.1 begins! Players traveling to FL and from overseas may email us here or call Dragon Promotions 407-782-4978 Jacksonville, Flori