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WSA Publishing is Launched: Novels of Sports Legends

Orlando, Florida-  Are you Ready? The World Sports Alumni is the greatest Pro Athletes association in the world.

And now we will be bringing the Legends to Life in their own books! 

"WSA Publishing has been in the works for over a year now. We had a pre-trial run when we helped one of our athlete members Dr.Mike Van Thielen

get his book made "Walking the Talk: The $400 Journey", his autobiography. We learned a lot in that process on the many steps and process of book

writing and publishing. And now we are ready to launch this arm and officially offer this service to our pro athlete members", said Charlie Williams, WSA CEO.

"The WSA's biggest strength is in marketing and branding, so this falls perfectly in line with our core mission to keep our members' names strong."

"We are utilizing our vast network of partners and of course the multitude of hundreds of celebrities we have in our membership to help promote one another's

stories. Because of these exquisite and rare resources, WSA Publishing has the potential of becoming one of the most successful publishing companies in

the world", explains Jessica Kim, WSA Senior Marketing Manager.

Currently, another book has been written and is about to launch. Hint: it's an NFL story. Other projects in the works currently include an NBA star, Boxing legend, 

and more NFL stars.

Writers are being hired now.

Sponsors and businesses are welcomed to be a part of the projects with a variety of benefits. Please contact the WSA via email reply here or call 407-782-4978.

NFL NBA MLB UFC  PGA Boxing Tennis Track Olympians & more

Uniting All Current & Former Pro Athletes of All Sports. Globally.

Join. Book. Sanction. Serve.

Brought to you by our Show Sponsors: Save On Your Homes Orlando Realtor  Co-Sponsors: The Florida Georgia All-Star Football Game Legends of the East - WSA NYC Event Cooperative Spirit Martial Arts Visit Instagram  @wingzwingzzwingzzz  @athleticjunction  @PapalozziItalia @doubletreevalleyforge  @ssw4cuts Roofing,Doors,Windows marketing

BOOK A CELEBRITY ATHLETE at your next event. And get the marketing to go with it!  Call 407-782-4978. Uniting All Current & Former Pro Athletes of All Sports. Globally. 

Sanctioned & Supported by the World Sports Alumni. "Uniting All Pro Athletes. Globally." **Become a SPONSOR or BUSINESS PARTNER of the WSA Like how we do it? Get on board with the hottest sports association in the world! And get ready to be promoted to another level


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