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Fencer Kruz "Kontrol" Schembri Wins World Cup for US Virgin Islands

Runner-up DanielOJEDA BUITRAGO (Costa Rica) , The Champion Kruz "Kontrol" Schembri-McCord, Bronze Medalists Alexis MauricioMOLINA CERON of El Salvadore, Jiseong LEE of Korea

Costa Rica- Up until 48 hours before the trip to Costa Rica, Carolyn Schembri-McCord did not know for sure if her son would be able to fence at the FIE World Cup Junior event in Costa Rica where some of the best teen fencers in the world would be attending for international points.

"Ticket prices were going up and down. On top of hotel, food, checking in a huge bag for Kruz's swords", explained McCord. "And we don't have sponsors or funding like some of the other international kids do. So it's always a big decision to goto these events."

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