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WSA NFTs Launches: Riddick Bowe NFTs

WSA NFT Collection #1: Riddick Bowe Pre-Sale May 5th, 2022. Only 5500 NFTs in total.


Public Sale May 9th,2022

Reveal - May 12th, 2022

Orlando,Florida - The world's largest pro athlete and entertainment alumni association has now entered the world of NFTs. WSA NFTs a new company powered by its USA partnership with Dubai and London based Bluemoon & Legion Network. The launch of WSA's newest company World Sports Alumni NFTs will usher in a new era of business for sports celebrities and sports athletes alike.

"We are truly excited for this partnership with the WSA. They have a vast array of professional athlete members and entertainers, and with their collective reach we are confident it will elevate WSA NFTs and the Legion Network to new heights even more quickly than we originally anticipated", said Athar Jameel Ahmed, CEO of Legion Network.

WSA's partners recently won 1st place at The X Competition that took place in Germany at the 9th Global Blockchain Congress. Besides the honors, Legion took home the $2 million USD prize.

WSA NFTs partner CEO Athar Jameel Ahmed in center above, recognized for outstanding achievement in blockchain innovations.

"Athar and his Legion Network team have been excellent to work with. And now after months of working daily with our three-way partnership in Orlando, Dubai, and London, we are finally able to reveal our first NFTs to the masses on the Bluemoon platform. Starting with the WSA NFTs of iconic 2-Time Heavyweight Champion of the World, Mr.Riddick Bowe", said Charlie Williams, CEO of the World Sports Alumni.

Riddick Bowe was one of the last undisputed heavyweight champions in boxing, who famously gave Evander Holyfield his first-ever defeat after Holyfield had captured the World Title and dispatched Mike Tyson twice in the process. Bowe went on to win, lose, and recapture boxing's holy grail of championships defeating Holyfield in an epic trilogy. Bowe finished his career with a 43 win and 1 loss career and remains the only heavyweight champion to have retired on a win and avenging his only loss. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

"I'm honored to be the first NFT launched for the World Sports Alumni. We got a lot of legendary champions with their NFTs coming after me, so I hope my WSA NFTs set a positive tone for this new venture. It's very exciting times!" said Riddick Bowe.

Bowe became the undisputed Champion of the World when he defeated the iconic Evander Holyfield

Fans and investors can pre-purchase Riddick Bowe's WSA NFTs here. The retail price will be $200 *Price fluctuates (Ethereum) with a collection of 5 items including genuine 3-D copies of Bowe's actual collection of collector's items. The Mystery Boxes will be sold with the reveal on May 12th and fans/investors can purchase till they sell-out. Only 5500 NFTs in total will be available.

WSA NFTs will include special utilities including Zoom call from the legend; Meet & Greet with Riddick Bowe in the WSA MetaVerse; a real-life in person meeting and training with Bowe, and special signed souvenir cards, and more. And first future white list on the next hottest WSA NFTs.

The WSA NFTs has scheduled numerous celebrity launches proceeding Riddick Bowe's. Stay tuned for more news at and LegionNetwork. Visit

Reaching millions of fans monthly, The World Sports Alumni is "The Largest Pro Athletes Association Worldwide working with over 1000 celebrities from sports & entertainment from Radio, Television, Movies, NFL, NBA, MLB, UFC, ATP, WTA, PGA, Boxing, Billiards and more". Athlete Management, Celebrity Social Media Management, Celebrity bookings, Sporting Events, TV Production, Book Publishing, Charity Foundations and more. The WSA has a Board of Directors overseeing every pro sport along with the WSA Business Board and WSA Board of Attorneys. Visit

World Sports Alumni NFTs and Legion Network, is the first cryptocurrency project that integrates influencers, entrepreneurs, and creativity to build an innovative ecosystem that explores the infinite possibilities of NFTs, gaming, rewards, and business tools to pave the way for the future of blockchain technology. It brings Bluemoon, the first collaborative NFT marketplace that enables users to buy, sell, compare, request, create, rent, and swap NFTs. Bluemoon is also the first of its kind to integrate blockchain technology with virtual and augmented reality. Individuals can bring their NFTs to life by displaying them in a personalized digital gallery or viewing NFTs in augmented reality only at the Bluemoon marketplace.


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