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The Orlando Money Open: Fencing League of America Hosts the WSA

Orlando, Florida- The World Sports Alumni has officially entered the sport of fencing. The inaugural Orlando Money Open May 26-28th, 2022 will be fencing's first prize money event in Florida and one of the very few ever in the sport's history. Fencing is one of the three remaining oldest sports in the Olympics since the Olympics began in Athens, Greece in 1896. It has remained an Olympic sport for 126 consecutive years. With WSA's affiliation with the sports amateur association Fencing League of America (FLA), more exciting endeavors will be forthcoming in fencing.

As the fastest sport in the world, with swords coming in at a tenth of a second, Fencing requires agility, strength, speed, and precision in near-superhero standards. AKA "Physical Chess"

"When I first got introduced to the sport through Sword Masters Club's summer camp my daughter was enrolled in, I instantly recognized what an incredible sport fencing was. The owner of the school Carlos Kuri simultaneously presides over the FLA an association dedicated to amateur fencers . When we had our first lunch meeting downtown at the University Club, I told him I saw incredible potential in fencing to raise the bar towards the level of other major sports WSA is involved with, and bring it more to mainstream audiences. Carlos is a kindred forward thinking entrepreneur and we brainstormed many ideas. We need experts in the sport to guide and counsel us, so we welcome Mr.Kuri and his associates. This affiliation will inject new life into fencing and exponentially grow the sport. The Orlando Money Open is only the first of many programs the WSA will embark on", explained Charlie Williams, CEO of the World Sports Alumni.

Charlie Williams and Carlos Kuri at the legendary University Club private dining room. This power lunch will likely ripple effect the sport of fencing for decades to come.

The Orlando Money Open will consist of 4 preliminary warm-up events and 3 primary tournaments. The sword styles of Epee and Sabre will be used in the competitions consisting of open mixed co-ed events. There will also be a Women's Epee division allowing women to compete in an extra event. All 7 tournaments will pay out prize money totaling over $3000 with full fields. An estimated 200 fencers will be joining the competition to be held at Sword Masters Club in Avalon Park, Orlando. Sword Masters Club has Olympic coaches and boasts the largest enrollment of fencers of any fencing school in Florida and is the only franchise fencing school in the state.

To register for the event or for more info goto click Orlando Money Open.

The Fencing League of America is truly excited to host the WSA. We are thrilled they have interest in our sport and honored to be asked to advise them. Hosting their inaugural event will further achieve our goal of growing the sport beyond its current boundaries. The opportunity of being up close and personal with experts from NFL, NBA, MLB, Tennis will only help our organization learn and expand to new heights", said Carlos Kuri, President of Fencing League of America.

“It’s great to see our association involved with fencing. The sport of fencing has a long, rich history at the Olympics and at prestigious universities including Ivy League schools, such as my alma mater, Yale", said Mike Brodsky, Chairman of the WSA Business Board. A graduate of Yale University and Duke, Brodsky is a renowned finance guru and author of Amazon Best Seller "Incremental Improvements".

"I've met some of the junior champion kids in fencing and was impressed by their character. With our help, we can make fencing a lot more popular. In fact, being involved has inspired me to give fencing a try myself!", said Nick Anderson, WSA Pro Basketball President. Anderson is Orlando Magic's All-Time Scoring Leader and was the #1 pick for the Orlando Magic in its first NBA Draft and is a Orlando Magic Hall of Fame Inductee, Florida Hall of Famer and in the Illinois Sports Hall of Fame.

NBA great Nick Anderson with 14 year old fencing junior champion Alexander "The Great" Kuri having lunch at 5-Star legendary Papa Lozzi Italia where celebrities eat daily in Orlando.

16-year old junior girls champion Celeste Kuri "The Pink Panther Fencer" a very marketable future star in fencing The Fencing League of America is the USA's premier amateur association of fencing. Ranging from juniors to adults, and creating scholarships in fencing. The FLA organizes amateur events including tournaments, exhibitions, coaches, and educates mainstream audiences on the sport. The FLA's mission is to grow the sport of fencing to new heights. More on the FLA at For additional information on fencing contact and sponsorship/advertising opportunities at 407-782-4978

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