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H.O.P.E: WSA Pros Visit Kids at Disney Hospital

Winter Park, Florida- The WSA is honored to lend some athletic hands today. The WSA World Sports Professionals is honored to team up with The HOPE Dealing Mindset Corp. and Walt Disney Pavilion At Florida Hospital For Children. Bruce Rothschild (San Diego Chargers), Sean Gorgone (PGA Golfer), Jonathan Felton (Pro Boxer) and Charlie Williams (Billiards Champion) will be taking time out to bring toys, sign autographs and pass gifts to nearly 100 sick kids on Thursday 1-4pm.

"We are really excited to partner with the World Sports Alumni and have pro athletes come visit the children and pass out toys. It means a lot to the kids, parents, and the hospital", said Marcus Brown, Founder of HOPE. The organization stands for Helping Others with Priceless Encouragement. Visit this charity at

“We are so thrilled to have such an amazing community. Because of them, we are able to support our families during the holiday season and help provide Christmas. These aren’t just toys that are handed out, they symbolize a lot more than that. They symbolize, hope, love and comfort, which is needed most in these fragile times. Thank you for sharing your heart with our little heroes and making such a difference.” Nussi Afroz, MBA Special Events and Donation Coordinator.

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