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Charlie Williams Becomes CEO of the World Sports Alumni

Globe trotter Charlie Williams at the helm of the WSA

Orlando, Florida- International businessman and promoter Charlie Williams has been named CEO of the WSA World Sports Alumni. Williams is the Founder of Dragon Promotions, an 18 year global events production company as well as the President of Orlando Synergy Marketing, an international marketing firm. He also holds positions with manufacturing industries such as Andy Cloth and BottleDeck.

The WSA is a pro athletes association run by true professional athletes with the objective of uniting all pro athletes, and assisting them with any endeavor they have or are already in. This includes non-profit or for-profit businesses.

"Charlie Williams is a wonderful person and a great businessman. He is a master at marketing and promotions with big visions for the future. Most of all, he cares about athletes", said legendary sports icon Riddick Bowe, a 2-Time Heavyweight Champion of the World and International Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee.

CW's heavyweight rolodex of friends include Evander Holyfield & Riddick Bowe

The World Sports Alumni is the only worldwide professional athletes association existing, led and operated by professional athlete boards. While every sport has its own pro division, all the athletes cross-over to work with one another on projects as well as promoting unity in sports.

Williams comes with an extremely impressive resume of success and diversity. He has organized and promoted nearly 500 events in multiple countries, and produced over 1000 hours of original televised sports programming. His sports background includes working in tennis, soccer, billiards, and with hundreds of NFL players and pro boxers.

Producer of televised masterpieces such as the Queens Cup in Manila, Philippines held at the luxurious Resorts World Casino.

Photo courtesy by Emille BiBoy Soriano

"What really turns me on is creating and building things. I love taking ideas and bringing them to life. So those passions have forced me to become great at strategizing, marketing, and project managing", explained Williams. "I really love sports and really love the athletes that are now both my friends and my business associates. And that's what I have dedicated my skillsets to. The synergy between the different athletes has been off the charts. That's why I believe the WSA has unlimited potential. That's also why I feel the WSA is something I was born to do. Nothing in life is an accident."

Williams duties will include bringing revenue streams and strategic partnerships to the WSA and to the pro members. Also overseeing the marketing and brand building of not just the WSA, but also the individual athletes. Finally, to expand the WSA into territories nationally and internationally. WSA Washington D.C./Virginia was already announced 2 weeks earlier and 3 more cities are to be announced in the next 3 months.

"Charlie's a go getter. He always seems to know how to get things to work. Most of all, what I like about him is that he is helpful to others before himself", said 2-Time NFL Pro Bowler Brandon Meriweather of the Patriots.

Always surrounded by NFL players: Bruce Rothschild (Chargers), Brandon Meriweather (Patriots) & Charlie Hawkins (Jets)

Photo by Peter Lanzarone Photography

"I first met CW while we worked together in the NFL Alumni. I watched him handle the marketing with class precision that made things explode. I also saw he was a very reliable and very professional person. He always sees things others don't. Every team needs a coach and manager, and CW is the perfect fit", said Ron Dixon, National Pres