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NFL Pro Bowler Brandon Meriweather Appointed to WSA Board of Directors

Meriweather welcomed aboard by WSA Pro Football President Ron Dixon

Apopka, Florida- Two-time Pro Bowler and University of Miami superstar Brandon Meriweather has joined the WSA Board of Directors for Pro Football. The former Patriots star safety currently resides in Central Florida and has been one of the most active members in the World Sports Alumni. And if you're not a Miami U fan or Patriots, don't worry. Meriweather also had stellar years playing for the Washington Redskins and the NY Giants, making him renowned top to bottom on the East Coast. But now the hard-hitting safety with 483 tackles has entered a new phase of life. Transforming from football pro to businessman and community leader. The World Sports Alumni is the only global association unifying all professional athletes. The WSA provides a number of services from marketing, legal, sponsorships, and much more to further the agenda of the athlete whether for-profit or non-profit.

Mayweather still inspires hundreds of thousands of people weekly through his social media "I never told Brandon this, but when I used to play Madden (video game), I would always pick him as one of my top guys because I liked to play as the Patriots sometimes. I didn't have to worry about any deep passes because I had Meriweather there", said WSA Pro Football President Ron Dixon formerly of the New York Giants. "When I got to meet him in person, we had a lot in common as both of us came from a small neighborhood. He's from Apopka which is just down the road from my hometown of Wildwood. We both had small town attitudes with big city dreams. So it's been a real pleasure getting to know him, and just phenomenal that we are working together in the WSA and connected at the hip. We get to work together daily to make the World Sports Alumni something everyone can be a part of." One NFL pro who has known him since their Miami Hurricane days said, "With Brandon, the proof is in the pudding. He definitely walks it like he talks it!" explained Santana Moss, renowned Pro Bowler from the Washington Redskins.

Miami U Brotherhood runs deep with legends such as Vince Wilfork, Ray Lewis, & Mayweather Today Meriweather is the owner of a successful restaurant and bar called The Tavern at Rock Springs Ridge, which sits on a golf course in a reputable suburban community in Apopka, Florida. He is also a franchise owner, a food delivery service working with several restaurants in the area. His business partners in both include Mike Handy and Brandon's cousin Sedrick Payne, whom he has known his entire life. He also heads his own 501c3 charity, the Brandon Meriweather 31 Ways Foundation which helps underprivileged families. He's also the recurring NFL expert on NBC Boston's hit radio show Toucher & Rich every Wednesday morning. And to top it off, he is a proud father to his 12 year old daughter Morgan that he drives to take and pick up from school everyday.

​Sports fans pack his restaurant The Tavern everyday. Families and kids welcomed. "The World Sports Alumni is a really ingenious idea. Before the WSA existed, there really would be no reason to talk or hang with athletes in other sports. And now I'm constantly with them socially or working on projects with them. We accomplish a lot in helping others as well as growing our own brands. It's great camaraderie. That's why I accepted a leadership role on the Board of Directors", said Meriweather. Currently, he is working with WSA's Washington D.C. Pro Boxing President Demarcus "Chop Chop" Corley's sportswear company on creating his own line of Brandon Meriweather football cleats. And hosting a NBA Finals WSA Watch Party with fellow WSA member Nick Anderson of the Orlando Magic.

​Friendships across sports are made in the WSA such as legendary boxer Riddick Bowe Meriweather grew up in the impoverished and tough neighborhoods of South Apopka. Brandon is Haitian-American, born to his African-American mother and Haitian biological father. In South Apopka, most kids don't have much, with football being a source of release as well as potential escape to a better life. "Brandon always wants to see everyone around him do good. And when he gets into something, he is in it to the fullest. Sometimes he may seem so into something that you can see his passion clear as day. That's how he was in football, and how he is in business and everything in life. That's the type of man he is", explained Sedrick Payne, Brandon's cousin and business partner who has been around him since he was 7 years old.

Brandon with his childhood friend, relative, and business partner Sed Payne Meriweather hires local Apopka youth such as employees like Rudy Edwards, who works for Meriweather at his restaurant. Rudy is a student and football player from Apopka High School where Meriweather also attended. Edwards recently finished 6th in the Florida State Wrestling Championships and will be pursuing a business degree in college. Rudy says about the hard-hitting safety, "He's a father figure and role model to me and a lot of kids in Apopka. Everything he's done and doing now is an example for someone to follow on and off the field."

​Rudy Edwards with his mentor "Brandon is a great business partner. He doesn't mind investing his hard earned money but is always careful to ask all the right questions during the due diligence process. He learns every aspect of the business so that he can jump in whenever needed, and he does without hesitation", said Mike Handy. "Brandon is a bright young shining star. When he represented for all the NFL teams that he has played for, he was known for his passion and heart. And he applies that same heart to his charitable commitments and foundations in his community. It is with great pride and privilege to have him join the WSA Board. Having him furthers the growth and synergy of this great organization", said former NY Jet Charlie Hawkins, who also serves on the Board with Meriweather.

​RGIII Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin reunites with his teammate Meriweather at the recent WSA Track & Field Day.

Big or small, Meriweather is known for his generosity and equal treatment of people

"From early age Brandon has been a champion. He overcame odds his entire life and achieved high level of successes. He went on to play for one of the most premiere colleges in the country and then went to the NFL", said Lee Paige of the Buccaneers and a FSU Alum. "What's also impressive about this young man is how he treats people equally. He talks to the homeless and treats them with kindness and compassion. He returned from the NFL to his hometown. He's been the hero to his daughter. He's a champion on that level as well being a parent. That's why I think he will do a fine job in his role as a WSA leader."​

​Father first to Morgan Meriweather. As prioritized in his Instagram profile Though his first fortunes and fame came through football and the NFL, most people forget that he is also a college graduate from one of the most revered universities in the nation. Meriweather holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology. He explains, "I wanted to become a police officer. The primary reason was to help kids that were heading towards a troubled life." "They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and if you look at Brandon that way like he's only a jock, you'd be making that classic error. He's one of the most intelligent people I've met in sports, and has been invaluable to the WSA" says Charlie Williams, CEO of the WSA. "He is very intuitive of people and the future. He's wise in keeping a habit of surrounding himself with good people to get things done. He's given me tremendous insight of how athlete's think. If people think he's just thrown his name into the WSA for laughs, that would be short-sighted. In his words that he taught me, don't sleep on him. You may miss out on something good."

Meriweather with WSA CEO Charlie Williams planning for a bright future

The World​ ​Sports​ ​Alumni​ mission is "Uniting All Professional Athletes of All Sports. Globally." The WSA is the only sports association in the world of its kind, connecting professional athletes around the world of all sports together in one unified body. Some of the mission and functions include creating synergy between athletes and the sports they represent; promote & market athletes; book athletes for appearances, endorsements, & speaking engagements; to overall better the lives of pro athletes. Membership options for non-athletes and businesses are also available. Please visit

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