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The Spot Hosts the 78th World 14.1

The greatest 14.1 players in history come back each year to vie for the most prestigious & traditional title in pool

New York City- One era ends, and a new era begins. After 5 years, the World 14.1 will be moving to a new venue, the recently opened The Spot Billiards Cafe. On August 13-19th, 2018, The Spot will have the honor of hosting the longest running and oldest tradition in billiards, the World Tournament of 14.1. For well over a decade, the World Tournament of 14.1 will be staged which has already set the record as the longest consecutive run of the championship ever in its 106 year history, with Dragon Promotions continuing at the helm. This year's 78th WorldTournament of 14.1 will be presented by BottleDeck.net . A star studded 48 player round-robin field is expected for this year's lineup that will be aiming to win the world's greatest straight pool championship. The World 14.1 is sanctioned by the WSA World Sports Alumni. "Upon visiting the Spot Billiards my very first time, I knew right away it would be a fantastic venue for the World 14.1. Everything in the room is pristine and well thought out. You can tell the owners took great care in making sure their room would not just satisfy players of all backgrounds, but also that it would be capable of hosting world class events", said Charlie Williams, Executive Producer of Dragon Promotions and CEO of the WSA World Sports Alumni.

"We love the enthusiasm and hospitality that the Spot Billiard Cafe has given thus far. We feel confident that the players and fans are going to love the new look of the World Tournament", said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions. “We are excited and honored to be hosting this prestigious event. The Spot family has been both fan and participants of the sport. We are excited to bring this level of play to our hometown in the Hudson Valley ", said Lenore Donovan-Chen, co-owner of The Spot. She continues, "One of our goals is to help educate and teach the next generation about billiards. We believe that the local pool-player, as well as the adjoining communities, will enjoy the opportunity to witness a world championship event right in their hometown. Our goal as both avid fans and players of the sport is to help teach the next generation about the game and the multiple ways in which it helps to think critically and strategically all while using mathematics and science." The Spot has a total of 22 pool tables compiled of 14 regulation and 8 bar tables with a full bar that also serves food. The Spot has hosted numerous regional pro-am tournaments as well as operating their own successful in-house tournaments that have 100% entry pay-outs. On top of special tournaments, the Spot hosts a variety of league play including team 8 ball, individual 9 ball and 14.1 weekly events. In additional to offering the best billiard conditions in the local area, the Spot provides guests with multiple forms of entertainment ranging from darts to ping pong to chess and an arcade room. The Spot also has space available for party rentals as well.

A positive vibe fills the atmosphere of The Spot Qualifier events will be held once again and interested poolrooms may contact 407-782-4978 or worldstraightpoolchampionships@gmail.com Livestream will be available for all TV table matches. Pay-Per-View will be announced and available shortly. Event elite partners include Mr.Tom Gleich, Dr. Gregory Diehl, Mr. Greg Hunt of Amsterdam Billiards, and Mr. Harold Siegel of Excelsior Graphics. The World Tournament Official Equipment will feature all matches played on: Official Cloth: Andy Cloth Official Balls: Aramith Balls. Official Spa : Your Backyard Superstore Official Tennis Sponsor: The FTT Florida Tennis Tour Official Magazine : Pool & Billiard Magazine Official Marketing Firm: Orlando Synergy Sanctioned by the World Sports Alumni

78th AndyClothUSA.com World 14.1 on August 13-19, 2018 at The Spot Billiard Cafe in Nanuet, NY. 37 invited pros and 11 qualifier winners. Register your entries now! WorldStraightPoolChampionships@gmail.com Call 407-782-4978 In addition, the 8th Annual Straight Pool Hall of Fame Banquet will take place in the middle of the event on August 15th at 7:00pm. Every year the popular dinner sells out with all the pool stars and legends attending.