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Chasing Mosconi: Hohmann Wins His 5th World Straight Pool Championship

Hohmann's 5th World 14.1 win unprecedented in this millenium

Chasing Mosconi: Hohmann Wins His 5th World Straight Pool Championship

Story courtesy of Pool & Billiard Magazine. Photos courtesy of Joe Gonzalez Photography

Nanuet, New York- They say records are made to be broken. At this year's BottleDeck.net 78th World Straight Pool Championship, many of those records were. Germany's Thorsten Hohmann once again proved why he is considered to be the greatest 14.1 player of this millenium, and perhaps more. Hohmann went undefeated in the 3 stage tournament to make 5 wins in the World 14.1, now officially surpassing Luther Lassiter and tying Irving Crane for All-Time World 14.1 Championship wins. Hohmann already surpassed Mike Sigel and Ray Martin's 3 wins as well as Steve Mizerak and Nick Varner's 2 wins. In 1972, Irving Crane was the last man to win a 5th World 14.1 title. This makes Hohmann the winningest World 14.1 champion over 46 years.

The World 14.1 continued its long tradition thanks to the patronage of San Diego's Tom Gleich and host sponsor The Spot in Nanuet, New York. As well as the Official Ball sponsor Aramith, Z9 Billiard Cloth, and all the livestream matches were played on Connelly Tables built by Valley-Dynamo.

The ultimate grand prize from the promoter ?

Day 1 Round Robin 100 point games

For the first time ever, the World 14.1 drew an Australian player in Ben Judge. In fact an Australian snooker champion who played on the World Snooker circuit. A 200+ ball runner, he was a threat to beat anyone and would have his chance against America's #1 ranked Shane Van Boening. Van Boening was in form however, running 225 balls in practice just the night before. SVB won 100-60 over Judge in Group 4. Judge then lost a 100-93 heartbreaker to 74 year old Earl Herring. The Aussie did however manage to come back and qualify by the third day in the round robin.

Hohmann cruised through as the #1 seed with a 100 to -2 win over Jamaica's Rhys Chen in Group 1. Tony Robles of NYC was in form in Group 2 defeating a rusty Mika Immonen 100 to 35 with Mika coming from a 6 week sabbatical from pool. John Schmidt ran a 98 and out opener over Michael Badstuebner in a 100-7 win in Group 3. Meanwhile Group 5's Warren Kiamco of the Philippines won 3 straight over Sean Morgan, Jerry Tarantola, and Jonathan Smith.

Archer & Van Boening pre-USA favorites that have yet to place their name on the World 14.1 Champions list

Day 2

The first big upset. Van Boening was up 98 to 70 needing 2 balls for the win. After his breakshot he didn't have a clear opening and played safe up table. Herring took his chance and fired in a length of table shot and proceeded to run the set out! At 74 years old, the oldest player to defeat the young 5x US Open Champion.

"I took him lightly I didn't know who he was. But now it's fueled me up with motivation", said Shane after the match.

"It seems God is giving me just enough to squeak by with a win each match", said Herring, who is also the Senior Pastor of Mt. Carmel Church of Christ Disciples of Christ. Herring also gave Hohmann his only loss at the 2013 World 14.1 Championship.