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Stem Cells for Athletes: Neo Matrix Medical Partnership with World Sports Alumni

Pro athletes both active and retired are repairing injuries without surgery and with superior results through stem cell based therapies at Neo Matrix Medical

Ormond Beach, Florida- Regenerative Medicine giant, Neo Matrix Medical, has signed to be the exclusive Regenerative Medicine partner of the WSA - World Sports Alumni for the State of Florida. Based in Ormond Beach, athletes and non-athletes alike travel the U.S. and the world to receive their services.

Neo Matrix Medical was co-founded by Dr. Mike Van Thielen, whom originally is from Belgium, but is now a proud American citizen and has resided in Florida for the past 22 years. Dr. Mike is the CEO/President of Neo Matrix Medical and he is an international keynote speaker and renowned author. Dr. Mike currently holds a World Record in Masters’ Swimming as well as 23 U.S. National Masters Titles. As a world class athlete and pro member of the WSA, Dr. Mike saw the need for medical alternatives for his fellow pro athletes with acute or chronic pains and injuries.

"It's an incredible team and it amazes me what they can do at Dr. Mike's facility. I have personally witnessed 5 orthopedic procedures with the patients’ age ranging from 30 years old to 75 years old. The Neo Matrix Medical team succeeded every single time in obtaining great results. It’s a customized and rather quick procedure and does not involve drugs or surgery. There’s virtually no risk for adverse reactions and the patient does not experience any down time. It was quite interesting to witness", said WSA CEO Charlie Williams. "It's unbelievable how most people are not aware that safe, effective and innovative procedures like these exist today, and how surgeries and other conventional invasive and often harmful procedures can be prevented. One of my responsibilities as the CEO of the WSA is to arm all our pro athletes with this knowledge. "

Because of our partnership with Neo Matrix Medical, all WSA Pro Athletes receive 50% off Neo Matrix Medical services as part of their WSA Benefits Package.

Athletes are all smiles again after meeting the Neo Matrix Medical team. L to R: Charlie Williams WSA CEO, Pinklon Thomas, Riddick Bowe, Dr. Van THielen, Don Bass VP of NMM

Neo Matrix Medical offers patients a safe and effective alternative to conventional approaches, and often patients may avoid surgery. The regenerative medicine therapies offered at Neo Matrix Medical, including stem cell-based treatments, are beneficial for patients suffering from orthopedic and arthritic conditions of the joints, spine and soft tissues, acute and chronic pain, sports injuries, neuropathies, fibromyalgia, eye conditions (dryness of the eyes and dry macular degeneration), respiratory conditions including COPD, emphysema, bronchitis and chronic asthma, E.D. (erectile dysfunction), obesity and excess weight, among other.

"Dr. Mike is an incredible guy. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be running right now. I would be on the sidelines, not able to train for the 2020 Olympics. Neo Matrix Medical is the best in the business", said Curtis Mitchell, Team USA Track & Field, 2014 U.S. National Champion former Bronze Medalist at the World Championships in 2013.

Mitchell (far right) a contender for the 2020 US Olympic Team photoed here after his Bronze finish with Gold winner Usain Bolt

Therapies offered at Neo Matrix Medical include allograft (human tissue from donor containing essential components for tissue engineering as stem cells) injections, SoftWave therapy, infusion (IV) therapies, medical weight loss, medical marijuana and CBD oils, genetic testing, and nutritional and supplementation guidance among other.

Dr.Mike with legendary boxing champion Riddick Bowe after his final Softwave therapy treatment. Fellow legend Evander Holyfield stopped by to check in on his friend.

SoftWave therapy is the latest generation of shock wave therapy and has proven to be very effective in reducing inflammation and pain, promoting a sustained blood flow and stimulating stem cells which results in improved tissue repair and healing. Currently, SoftWave therapy is used with great effectiveness at high-end medical facilities and select pro sports teams.

Neo Matrix Medical also treats and supports military veterans such as 92 year old World War II, Korea War Vet, and Vietnam Veteran US Army Major General Story Stevens

Stem cells can treat and repair an array of diseases besides orthopedic conditions. Regenerative Cells can also be inhaled and absorbed through the respiratory system.

"We are very excited about our partnership with the WSA. To be selected as the provider for active and retired pro-athletes, Olympic athletes, world champions and world record holders is a great honor. Neo Matrix Medical is dedicated to provide the most innovative and advanced technologies and procedures in the regenerative medicine field. We are definitely a few steps ahead of the competition to help the amateur, pro and retired athlete recover from their injuries and take back their lives. We want them to enjoy their favorite activities and their life again. Neo Matrix Medical may be the partner you need to achieve those health goals", said Dr. Mike Van Thielen, President of Neo Matrix Medical who also holds a PhD. in Holistic Nutrition.

Dr. Van Thielen is also an accomplished world class swimmer holding many titles.

"My knees were injected with stem cells 3 months ago at Neo Matrix Medical and they felt 100% better after just 4-5 weeks. I previously received another type of stem cell procedure in which they used my own adipose tissue (fat) at another clinic. I had no results at all and continued to have lots of pain and clicking sounds in my knees. Dr. Mike, being a professional athlete himself as an expert in the field of regenerative medicine, understands what you're going through whether you're an athlete or not. I recommend anyone suffering pain to see his team and get resolve", said Ron Dixon, former NY Giants star and President of the WSA Pro Football Division.

Neo Matrix Medical treats everyone not just world class athletes. Patients from 20 years old to 95 years old. They take time out to explain about Regenerative Medicine to all. Their 1 hour seminars are a must see, eye-opening experiences.

For any WSA member seeking more information, attend one of their many free seminars, buy their book “Stem Cells 1-on-1: Consumer guide” online or review their website and read the very informative document “7 Key Questions to Ask When Considering Regenerative Medicine”. To schedule your consultation, please contact Neo Matrix Medical directly at 386-210-0203.Join the #NoSurgeryMovement at

Join the #NoSurgeryMovement at

Neo Matrix Medical is the most powerful name in regenerative medicine and the most trusted facility amongst young professionals, pro athletes and senior citizens.

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