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iHeartRadio Renews Popular Minority Sports Show with NFL Star:Expands to 2-Hour Show

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Orlando, Florida- iHeartMedia Orlando and former 2-Time NFL Pro Bowl Star Brandon Meriweather reached an agreement to renew the Brandon Meriweather Show for another year through 2020. In addition, the show will expand to a 2-hour show. The show covers an array of sports such as NFL, college football, NBA, MLB, Boxing, and more. But also on occasion covers topics on mental health, stem cells, and entertainment. “The Brandon Meriweather Show is a crucial show for the black community. It's not only a fantastic sports show for fans, but an opportunity for young black, Hispanic, and Asian people to express their views with one of their own. It’s an important show for the minority groups” - Attorney Alexis Carter, Democratic Candidate for Florida Senate District 9 and Army Veteran (Major).

The Brandon Meriweather Show is the only minority show on 96.9 The Game, iHeartMedia's Orlando home sports station which predominantly features shows by caucasian sports hosts and sportswriters. Meriweather's show gives a unique perspective on sports through the eyes of professional athletes who frequent the show. Most of whom are personal friends of Brandon's or members of the WSA World Sports Alumni. Coincidentally, Meriweather's Show creator and executive producer Charlie Williams is also a minority of Asian descent, originally hailing from South Korea. The studio producer Edwin Serrano, of black and Dominican descent, worked the first season of the show and was featured weekly on-air in the sports discussions. The show assistants are made-up of Asian and caucasian millennials. “I wanted our show to have a little something for everyone. Part sports but also part life. We keep the show entertaining because everyone loves sports, but it’s also about showing versatility. That there’s life beyond sports, beyond adversity. And if I can make it, so can you” - Brandon Meriweather, retired NFL star of the Patriots, Redskins, Bears, Giants, and Miami Hurricanes graduate. Meriweather also is an entrepreneur with ownership in eight businesses ranging from restaurants, sports, and real estate.

NY Giants Ron Dixon, Meriweather, and special guest Jamie Seh of CBS Sports Show co-host and US Marine Corp veteran Tory Lewis adds, “Not many shows give a sports perspective from a black man’s point of view. There’s always a little distortion when you have a lot of chefs in a kitchen and you're the only server. This show gives an opportunity to the world that minorities can be leaders in sports news and not just on the field." Show creator and Executive Producer Charlie Williams formulated the concept for the show back in 2017, two years before the show launched. "Originally the show was going to be a solo show with a pro athlete. Obviously, the show has evolved a lot since conception. I always knew I was going to make the show happen, but we needed to find the right personality that was vibrant, funny, an expert on sports, and didn't pull punches when it came to saying what's on his mind. When I met Brandon, I knew he was it." “A lot of people listen to the show religiously every week. From Windemere, downtown, to Apopka. It’s a phenomenal show” - Lee Paige, former Vice-President of the NFL Alumni and current Vice-President of the World Sports Alumni Pro Football Division. The Brandon Meriweather Show has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities in Orlando and organizes the yearly One Apopka Toy Drive which gives toys, food, and supplies to over 1000 families in Orlando.

“The Brandon Meriweather Show is appealing to a wide audience, not just sports fans. It’s a highly engaging show with passionate callers and a variety of special guests. The show stays active throughout the week as the team covers sporting events and does some fun interviews.” - Mike Brodsky, Financial Advisor and author of “Incremental Improvements: Change Your Life One Small Step At A Time,” which was number one on Amazon’s list of Personal Development books. Brodsky is also one of the show’s correspondents. Guests have included stars such as boxing legend Riddick Bowe, current MLB star Dee Gordon, World Boxing Champion Pinklon Thomas, Oakland A's Jemile Weeks, Gators legend Brandon James, Chargers star Clinton Hart, and NY Giants Super Bowler Ron Dixon who co-hosted much of the first season of the Meriweather Show. Of course, not all the guests were African-American. WKMG CBS sports anchor Jamie Seh, Belgium's world-renown Regenerative Medicine expert Dr.Mike Van Thielen, comedian Redbone, and sports agent Logan Brown are among many..

Former undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, Riddick Bowe “The vast majority of the athletes I represent are African-American. The show allows them and other groups normally not heard from, to give them input on a large platform by a fellow respected sportsman. But the show is universal in its appeal” - Logan Brown, NFL and MLB sports agent of Besides the radio airings, businesses have also been attracted to the show's dynamic social media and marketing. The Brandon Meriweather Show not only had the highest amount of engagement of any of iHeartRadio Orlando sports shows, it continually has the highest of any sports show on any radio station in the Central Florida market. "I grew up in Italy so I'm a soccer player, but I follow all sports. I love what they do on the Brandon Meriweather Show and being a sponsor. Having the World Sports Alumni take over all our marketing was one of the best decisions we've made. In the past 2 months, my business has grown by at least 20% " - Alessandro Lozzi, Executive Chef and Owner of Papa Lozzi Italia. “As a Hispanic business owner, I like investing my marketing dollars in things with diversity. The Brandon Meriweather Show has that. Plus they kill it in social media and entertainment. “ TJ Agosto President of "We have a very diverse, multi-cultural clientele. The Brandon Meriweather Show always hits home to everyone at our barbershop when we play it" - Ben Burke , co-owner of Southern Scissor Works in Ocala and owner of Snappy Tax Accounting.

The Brandon Meriweather Show has produces incredible celebrity events for its fans bringing the biggest names in sports With the advancement of today's technology with social media, Facebook and Instagram Live, and the iHeartRadio App, it's easier than ever before to follow shows and personalities worldwide. Many fans from Boston, Virginia, New York City frequently call-in and of course Miami where Meriweather was one of the legendary Miami Hurricanes. Millennials are tuning into the show every week becoming more in tune with all sports. "Believe it or not, the Brandon Meriweather Show has a growing fan base all the way out to the west coast. His no holds barred honesty appeals to people everywhere." - Mike Dixon, Head Journalist for the Las Vegas Sports Daily. Bucky Parel, one of the show's weekly millennial listeners says, "At first, I was only really into tennis because that’s the only sport I’ve played. But after listening to the show every weekend, I’ve realized I have a lot in common with these NFL, NBA and other athletes. We're all trying to push ourselves to become the best in what we’re passionate about."

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